Online Teaching Job From Home Earn Rs 50000 Per Month

I trust everyone at home and searching for an online teaching job. Today, I am going to give you 5 best websites where you can create your free account.

Everyone at home. COVID-19 is a real threat. Let me list some online teaching sites.

List of 5 Best Online Teaching Sites.

  1.   Register free and start getting notification for offers.
  2. Join here to become an online teacher.
  3.  One of the most lucrative earning potential website for qualified teachers.
  4.    This is for someone wants to offer to teach internationally. Register free set your profile and start getting notification for Online teaching job.
  5. Here you will be able to get more local students. Login using your email or Facebook account and start classes from the comfort of your room.

Online Teaching Job

I have listed these top 5 online teaching job sites because I am also doing the same while being at home. I thought to share with more people across the country. Trust me life is not so complicated if you believe in yourself and of course in other people.  The teaching profession is more about trusting similar to other businesses.

TIPS for Finding students:

  1. These days everyone has Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or other social media account. Most of the people use these social networks for sharing unproductive contents, photos, etc. Sharing photos or someone’s else post will not give you a value. The content you share on the network should be authentic and beneficial for others. Provide your contact number. Mention a few details about your past experience. People will give you a good response.
  2. You can create your own small website. I know this is not feasible for everyone, but you can find someone to create a small website for you. There are many providers who can help you in creating a small site for your Online Teaching job purpose.
  3. Use WhatsApp Group. You can share your service in the WhatsApp group and respond quickly if there is any inquiry.
  4. YouTube. You can record your lecture as a free sample and post on YouTube video network. This is a very quick response idea and you may get a good response in the first week itself.

Online Teaching Tools

You can use a free video-conferencing tool. There are many online video conference tool.

  1. ZOOM – It is free for 40 minutes session for up to 100 participants.

It works on mobile as well as on a computer system. Create your account using your email ID. Schedule the class, assign a meeting password, and share the link to your students. You can make the link for repeat use.

Zoom Online conference software

Click here to visit ZOOM site and sign up for free.

Another Good software is Webinarjam. It is also a very popular software for video conferencing.

Click here to visit the webinar jam video meeting tool.


Webinar Jam

With this, I wish you all luck in your online teaching job experience. If you have any queries, let me on my Facebook or comment here. I will respond quickly.

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